Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

At Solid Rock Enterprises we specialize in creating safe and luxurious bathrooms. Many people come to us because their bathrooms are small, outdated and sometimes in poor repair. A bathroom must be utilitarian but it should also be relaxing and luxurious, a place to let the cares of the day melt away. As your general remodeling contractor we have the experience and expertise as your bathroom remodeling contractor to take your outdated bathroom and transform it into a place of beauty and repose where you will want to linger.

Our spa like tile showers are also accessible and safe for people of all ages and abilities because as your specialty remodeling contractor, we are certified in aging in place techniques so that you new bathroom will not only be relaxing and luxurious but will also be safe and accessible for people of all ages and abilities. Our many satisfied clients, our multiple credentials and designations, and our unheard of five year warranty all add up to your confidence in our ability to create a renovated bathroom that will truly be your favorite room in the house.

Our many years of experience, multiple credentials and designations such as an Executive Certificate in Home Modification, unprecedented warranty on all work, and dozens of customer testimonials from satisfied clients add up to confidence on your part when you ask SRE to be your preferred local contractor for kitchen remodeling.

In addition to specializing as your bathroom remodeling contractor, we can help you with your kitchen remodeling, living room remodeling, new stair cases, or new deck and porch.