Medical Resources and Solutions

Housing Matters is excited to announce a collaborative effort with Medical Resources and Solutions. Our new showroom is now open at 2067 Electric Rd. (OakGrovePlaza next door to McDonalds). Medical Resources and Solutions is a specialty DME dealer owned by Mark Seidel. They specialize in wound care and offer specialty durable medical equipment that is not available from other DME dealers in the area. Through the combined resources and experience of Medical Resources and Solutions and Senior Remodeling Experts (a division of Solid Rock Enterprises, Inc.) we will be able to provide solutions for people with nearly any medical or aging related need in their homes. Mark and I share a belief that providing solutions to people’s problems is our primary vocation. In a world where customer service is an increasingly rare commodity, we are pleased to bring you a showroom where you will find solutions to a myriad of conditions that many of us are struggling with. Here are some of the products and services you will find represented at the new showroom:



  • Lifts    Stair lifts, Chair lifts, platform lifts, portable seat      lifts, and ceiling lifts for temporary or permanent use can help those      with limited mobility and their caregivers get through their days a little      easier.
  • Ramps                        Aluminum, steel and wooden temporary      wheelchair ramps as well as permanent ramps to blend in with the style of      any home or business.
  • Elevators        Commercial and residential elevators for any use
  • Specialized Medical Equipment       If there is any type of specialized      medical equipment you need, come see us, we can probably help.
  • Renovation     If any area inside or outside of your home isn’t      meeting your needs, we have the experience and expertise to renovate it to      meet your needs for a lifetime.
  • Remote monitoring   We offer the Simply Home system      which monitors the activities of anyone who needs it and can send an alert      in the event of any trouble or concern. Also available are automated      medication dispensers, telehealth wellness tools, and a GPS medical alert      that works whether you are home or away.
  • Safeway Steps            A tub cut with or without a tub door allows your      existing bathtub to be converted into a step in shower quickly and      inexpensively. Often combined with gab bars, tub seats, and handheld      showers to make showering easier for those with mobility issues.
  • Kitchen and bathroom remodeling             The kitchen and bathroom      are two of the areas that can be most difficult to negotiate for someone      with mobility issues. We have years of experience creating accessible      solutions.
  • Solutions for Wound Care     Including supplies and the      ability to bill the insurance carriers for the service.
  • Adaptive devices for ADL- Activities      of daily living      Handy items      to help with the daily activities associated with care.
  • Special Air Flow Mattresses to combat      Bed sores ( decubitus)      Special      equipment that adapts to the home like they use at the hospital or the      nursing home.

    For more information give us a call at 540-384-2064 or 540-989-0823 or come by and see us at 2067   Electric Rd next to McDonalds. Thank you for reading Housing Matters!

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