Most people want to live independently for as long as possible, but family members and other loved ones are often concerned for their safety. It is important to most of us to be able to take care of ourselves and not be a burden to others. The sense of independence and self determination is vital to our well being. The most common barriers to maintaining this independence as we age are an inability to physically or mentally accomplish the activities of daily living. Many times we find people unable to safely get around in their homes or they become forgetful or have signs of dementia. Family members become concerned that their loved one is a danger to themselves and often apply pressure to move out of the home where they have lived for many years. Alternatively, the senior’s struggles to live independently go unnoticed until a traumatic event occurs. The key is to enable the senior to live independently while providing a safety net to notify a care giver or family member of warning signs that there might be a looming hazard. Many older people have a personal emergency response system so that they can push a button and call for help in an emergency, but wouldn’t it be better to be proactive than to wait for an emergency?

The SimplyHome System™ is a proactive remote activity monitoring system designed to help people live independently by enabling the patient and the caregiver to prevent problems before they occur. For example, the system can be programmed to turn on the bedroom lights automatically when someone gets out of bed during the night and send out a notification if they are not back in bed within a certain amount of time. It also would keep track of how many times a night they are getting up which might point to pending health concerns. If forgetfulness is a concern, the system could be programmed to automatically dispense medication at the correct times and send out a notification if it is not taken. Another application would be to turn off the stove if it is on and there is no motion in the kitchen for a certain amount of time. There is even a GPS watch available so that a wandering dementia patient could be located immediately. The options are virtually unlimited and the system can be reconfigured as needs change. Some people may have privacy concerns, but with the SimplyHome System™ you have complete control over what data is available to view and who has access to it.

With the aging of the baby boomers and people living longer the need for systems to enable people to live independently in their homes will continue to grow exponentially. If you are a senior having trouble living independently or you have a loved one you are concerns about, there are options to remain at home. The cost is much less than assisted living or other living arrangements. The combination of having the elderly person living in the home they love and feel comfortable in and their loved ones having the peace of mind knowing that there is a way to keep informed and send for help if needed is a great comfort to everyone involved. To learn more about Solid Rock Enterprises, Inc. and the SimplyHome System™ which has been featured twice on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and is a finalist in the best new product category for the 2012 Edison Awards call me at (540) 384-2064 or visit my website at I look forward to helping you or your loved one live independently for many years to come.

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