Christiansburg Interior Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Testimonial

“Chris saved me money by finding a less expensive wooden seat for our new walk-in shower. He was vert accommodating when I changed my mind or added new ideas. I love my new bathroom, modern kitchen and stairs to the basement (they are too nice to only go to the basement.)

Patterson Testimonial for Christiansburg Interior Bathroom Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Jim & Gail are shown here with their review of Solid Rock providing a new bathroom and kitchen remodeling job along with new stairs

Below are some of the pictures we are sharing of the Kitchen, Bathroom and new stairs.

We begin with the New Kitchen below.

Christiansburg Kitchen Remodeling Contractor with new island stove

Notice the beautiful island stove and stainless steel appliances for this new kitchen remodel

Christiansburg Kitchen Remodeling Contractor with new sink, countertop and splashguard

Notice the beautiful new kitchen cabinets, sink and countertop with splashguard

Then following is the New Bathroom below.

Christiansburg Bathroom Remodeling Contractor with new shower, flooring and cabinets

Notice the beautiful new bathroom remodeling job

In addition to the New Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling job, we also installed a beautiful new staircase as shown below.

Christiansburg Interior Remodeling with new staircase

Beautiful new staircase in Christiansburg

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