Those of you who read this column regularly may remember that in March of this year I wrote a column discussing electronic monitoring and how this technology can help our loved ones live independent lives in their own homes longer. I am excited to be able to report that Solid Rock Enterprises, Inc. is now an authorized Referral Representative for the Simply Home system. Anyone who has an aging parent or other loved one they are concerned about (particularly one who lives alone) will breathe a sigh of relief to learn about the availability of this great system.

The system works by installing a series of discreet wireless sensors throughout the home that measure the activity (or inactivity) of the individual. Each system is tailored to the specific needs of the particular situation. Once the system is in operation, it operates inconspicuously in the background. There is no need to push a button to call for help. (Although that option is available as well) Reports of daily activity are available on the Simply Home website. These reports can help detect any warning signs of potential health problems. With the optional Virtual Care Management, a health care professional will review these reports and look for any troublesome trends or signs of trouble. Alerts can be customized in many ways. For example, if you have the Simply Home system installed in your mother’s home and she doesn’t get up at her usual time or doesn’t take her medicine at the proper time, you can program the system to send an email, a text message, or a phone call to a family member a caregiver, or a call center staffed 24/7 by nurses and EMTs. The system also has the ability to track vital signs such as weight, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. Each system is configured to meet the needs of the person using it. A sensor could be installed on a stove with the ability to turn it off if there is no activity in the room for a certain period of time. The system can be tied into the lighting, HVAC and other systems in the house, so that, for example, lights come on automatically when you get out of bed. A camera could be set up at the front door so you can see who is at the door without getting up. The possibilities are practically endless. The best part of the system is that it can allow people to safely remain in their own homes for far longer than they would otherwise be able to.

The Simply Home system operates on built in cellular communication, is portable, easy to set up and operate, and is available for lease with no contract required. Another unique ability in the Simply Home system is what they call “sequential decision making”. In other words the system is able to analyze a series, or combination of events to determine if an alert needs to go out. For example, getting out of bed at 2:30 am may be normal, but the front door opening, followed by no motion in the house would signal an alert. The system is completely customizable and can be reconfigured or adjusted at any time. Simply Home can be purchased or leased and systems can be leased for as little as $129 a month. Please give us a call at 540-384-2064 to schedule your free, no obligation in home assessment. As always, thank you for reading Housing Matters and remember, with Solid Rock Enterprises, Inc., you can age in the place you love…..HOME.

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